Vicè boy : Grandma Grandma! Wait for me!

Boy : Don't go! Waaaa waaa

Grandma : What do you want!?

Boy : What do you mean, “what do I want?” You didn't buy me anything today!

Boy : You have to buy me a balloon!

Grandma : Maria! I'll buy you a balloon but now walk with me, I'll buy it for you later.

Boy : Look Grandma, they are selling snacks. Will you buy me some please, please!

Grandma : Oh my goodness sweetheart you are making me crazy!

Grandma : Come on walk. We have to go shopping.

Boy : Come on Grandma buy me something!

Boy : You never buy me anything!

Grandma : If you are good we will go do the shopping then go home and make Grandpa minestra and later I'll take you to Villa Giulia and I'll buy you a balloon.

Boy : Now, Now, Now!

Grandma : Maria sweetheart! You are driving me crazy!Come on come on!

Boy : Grandmas leaving me! Wait for me!

Grandma : Walk walk! Don't make me crazy!

Boy : I don't want to go because when Grandpa eats minestra he gets food all over his mouth! No no, I'm not coming!

Boy : Buy me something!

Grandma : Okkk I'll buy you something but you have to be quite.

Boy : Pane with panelle sandwich, that way I won't see Grandpa slurping his soup!

Grandma : Oh THAT's not right! Walk, come on! You're wasting the day away!

Grandma : Come on let's go!

Boy : Grandma who is that?

Grandma : If you only knew who this is, it's a beautiful story, he was rich and powerful.

Grandma : He liked to go for excursion by the sea.

Grandma : One day he stayed on the land, where the oranges, mandarins and lemons were the rulers.

Grandma : He decided to stay there and wanted to call it Palermo.

Grandma : He spent all his money to build hospitals and invited all his friends to live there with him. Everyone was amazed at what they saw and decided to stay. With marble, forever they were able to remember him.

Grandma : There is a statue in the Vucciria, it's more than 500 years old and its called Palermo Grande and here inside this town square there is a small statue call Palermo piccolo.

Grandma : Todays story will be told by 1 puppet and 4 puppeteers.

Nofrio : Why is it when my friend tells me to meet him he is always late?!

Nofrio : He told me we'll meet in the morning! Now it's noon!

Nofrio : Well, well if my eyes aren't playing tricks on me?! That's Virticchio down the street!

Virticchio : Hey man! How ya doing?

Nofrio : Do you see the time?

Virticchio : Noon.

Nofrio: Good thing you said in the morning!

Virticchio : Oh come on, it's still morning!

Virticchio : Hey man, what's going on? You're looking nice!

Nofrio : Nothing, I have an important project for the future.

Virticchio : What project?

Nofrio : Come here, I'll tell you in your ear. I'm getting engaged.

Virticchio : Congratulations! Who is it, who is it, who is it!!??

Nofrio: Rosuchicci.

Virticchio : Rosuchicci, who is she?

Nofrio : Rosuchicci is the pharmacist daughter.

Virticchio : Wow!she is ugly!! She's so ugly, when she walks down the street, people cover the horses eyes so they don't run away!

Nofrio : Oh hey! I want to make my life better, so I'll get engaged, get married and then work in the pharmacy with her dad and work Friday to Saturday.

Virticchio : Wow you are really smart!

Nofrio : Tell me something, let's talk serious, do you have any money?

Virticchio : No, why?

Nofrio : Oh no reason, we could go drink some wine and for today we are ok!

Virticchio : You will never stop bumming off me!

Nofrio : Come on man last time you paid, today you pay and next time I will pay.

Virticchio : Oh ok, come on let's go get something.

Virticchio : Is it possible that it's always dirty here?

Nofrio : You always complain!

Virticchio : Look around it's not fair! All this different garbage near the statue!

Nofrio : You know Palermo, you “recycle”.

Virticchio : This is “recycling” ! With all the bottles and cans!

Nofrio : It's all different.

Virticchio : What are you saying?! It's all disgusting!

Nofrio : Watch where you step you could slip there!

Virticchio : Ayyyaaayaaa!! I hit my head!

Nofrio : Oh no! My friend hit his head. I'll go call a doctor to take you to the hospital. Doctor doctor!! Help!!

Virticchio : Ayyyaaaa I hit my head, it hurts so bad!

Who is this? Is it the statue? Ma maaa for sure I hit my head. The statue is alive!

Genio : I am the Genio of Palermo.

Virticchio : Oh that's your name, and I was convinced you were Saint Francesco. Wow a talking statue! With all these animals, the dog, the eagle, the snake.

Genio : Look a lot of people don't know who I am and don't have respect for my monuments. I will show you this beautiful city. I am a strange divinity. I represent the value and pride of this city.

Genio : Let's go Virticchiu follow me.

Virticchio : Wait wait I need to get up, I hit my head really hard! Ma maa oh oh wait for me, I don't know how to fly!

Genio : Look Virticchiu this is the Roman senate, this is where the future of Rome is decided.

Have you seen the eagle of my statue? It's the symbol of Rome. Symbol of liberty and pride of Palermo.

Virticchio : Oh Genio, who is this black man?

Genio : This is Scipione the African. Because of his complexion.

Virticchio : Oh ok.

Genio : Let's go.

White : Annibale prepare to attack Tunisia, unfortunately there is a food shortage and we have no money. It's become very complicated. Our mission is to save Rome.

Red : The first thing to do is to send soldiers to Zama. We need to find the perfect warrior for this mission.

Wht : You Scipione, you are a powerful man, prudent and have a strong physique and you are the new political idea. You, with your words, you will convince the people. Take command of this mission.

Schipione : Yes I accept, I will bring an army of worthy men. We will march towards Zama.

White : Good we are content you have accepted the mission. We hope you will return victorious.

Storyteller : Schipione departs for the great war against Annibale. Unfortunately he losses and his army was destroyed. Because of this he decides to dock in Sicily to ask for help.

When he arrived in Sicily he called the Sicilian senators.

Schipione : Noble senators, I have come to ask for your help.

Rosa : You are welcome, you will have our help.

Schipione : Thank you for your help. I need strong men to fight against Annibale.

Bread : You will have 7000 men, that you can train to fight.

Paledino : You will have weapons and the best horses! Everything to sustain you during the battle.

Shipione : You have my deepest gratitude.

Lady : So it was that they prepared a grand army and lead by two generals departed for the battle against Annibale, to liberate the city of Locali.

Schipione : We will arrive in the early morning to take Annibale with all our force.

Paldeino : We are ready to fight!

Paldeino : This was a great battle, I don't remember anymore how many I have fought and how many people I have killed. Hate and anger, they have eaten my soul. I was a baby when I joined the army. My duty was to give water to the soldiers while they were training. I remember one day when we were at a training near the sea, we were coming back when I saw someone at the deck of the boat, inside of me I thought “Wow! that is my father!” my father that would give me some good news, that I would get a weapon today! The closer he got the more I realized that that man was not my father. I ran to him and it was my uncle. “ Uncle what are you doing here?”

Zio : Nephew be strong, today is a bad day for you, your father was killed by cartaginesi

Paladino : nOOOOO Oh uncle why do you give me this bad news?!, Are you saying that my ears will never hear his voice again? And my eyes will never see his face again? Quickly, quickly give me a weapon so I can go and vindicate my father. When I had the weapon in my hands I started to fight against the cartaginesi. The battle was at sea. With fire in my eyes and my heart in my hand, I killed them without remorse! The battle turned the sea into a tomb, a museum of graves, we rammed all the ships, with spears we stabbed them in the stomach and we sank all the ships.

Oh Zeus give me the permission to go under the sea! We found ourselves on a beach, on the ground one next to the other and at sunrise we found ourselves in this beautiful land, little by little the sun hugged us with its warmth. There were woman that came near,

of course my companions woke up right away when they saw the Sicilian woman. It uplifted our hearts to look at them. We looked at there faces with their lips pink like an apricot, with cheeks beautiful like nespole, and they smelled like zagara. The fragrance entered and exited our noses and from then on all of us who had fought stayed here in this beautiful land called Sicily.

Virticchio : Wow so many dead!

Genio : scipione returned victorious to Sicily , to show his gratitude to the government he gave a 45666857* and to this day, it is still called Palermo. In the center of Palermo he left a statue

Virticchio : Wow us Palermitani are really strong, if we weren't with him scipione wouldn't have won the battle.

Genio : You are right virttucio, in fact the snake that is holding onto the statue is scipione, the outsiders eat the heart of Palermo, in one of the many marbel statues of the geino it is written PANORMUS CONCA AUREA SUOS DEVORAT ALIENOS NUTRIT. Palermo, Conca D'oro, devours oneself and give nutrients to the others.

Boy : Grandma! Grandma!

Grandma : What's wrong sweetheart?!

Boy : My puppet doesn't work1!!

Grandma: It's impossible that it doesn't work, there is nothing wrong with it!

Boy : It doesn't work, it's broken!

Grandma : Ohh Vice what's wrong with you today?!? Don't make me crazy! I bought you the panino, took you to the park, I can't stand it anymore! Next time you will stay with your mother!

Boy : Noooo Grandma I love you! Give me a kiss

Grandma : Come on be good

Boy : Look Grandma look, look there's a guy on the ground.

Nofrio : Wake up! wake up!

Virticchio : My friend Nofrio you are so handsome I thought your were the statue

Nofrio : Oh come on! Now you are completely crazy!

Nofrio ; True my friend was not the smartness but all I needed was for him to hit his head!!

Virticchio ; Man, did you know what this statute told me? We have to keep this statue clean, not throw garbage around it! because this statue is also you! It's you, it's him, it's that lady down the street. This statue is all of us!

Nofrio : My friend is crazy!

Virticchio : There is something you must know, our statue and everything here in Palermo, we have to respect and love because of it's

because it represent all of Palermo. Let's make this statue our own and take better care of it than we do our own homes.

Nofrio : My friend went to sleep a dummy and woke up a professor! 

storyteller : Oh public, listen well, you will be content to hear the beauty of Palermo. The beautiful Monte Pellegrino that comes from the sea, there is a castle atop like a beautiful hat, oh if you see it, it's beauty. Above all the most important thing between the churches and monuments, there is the Cattedrale and also the Palazzo Reale. the fountain at the Piazza Pretoria will tell you the story and if you look with all your heart you will feel a grand emotion. In all of it's splendor, as tradition requires, you will find the theater of the sun, charming at all times. I have other stories to amaze you. I am sure that you will bring these treasures into your heart.